btswifi said: BTS reaction to them accidentally hitting their girlfriend or pushing her off the bed when they are sleeping thank you~ Answer: Jin: He’d startle awake as soon as he heard the ‘thump’. Here is the reaction! Enjoy and happy reading! 😊 **gifs are not mine. The many celebrity friendships of BTS member V 'Produce 101's Jang Moon Bok and V quickly became good friends regardless of being in different classes. BTS Reaction/Scenario: Overhearing You Talking About Your Crush On Them “Okay so I’ll continue with the ships and requested reactions tomorrow, but for now I’m going to post what I’ve been working on. BTS Reaction: You call them beautiful Hyung Line • Maknae Line A/N: Requested by no one. I changed it up a little but i hope you still like it<3. Sure, but what about people like you, who are hunched over the toilet, puking their guts out. Seventeen’s Reaction To: Their S/O Being A Plus Sized Model + You Never Wearing Pants To Bed! Soooooo I’m so sorry for posting this for BTS and not Seventeen! I was working on a bunch of BTS stuff and. “It’s no big thing, you know how the stereo works. Requested: BTS reaction- You’re in love with them and leaving for school and they want to confess to you. Plus, if you can’t fix it just distract him with a platonic hand job. you can request smut as well. BTS reacting to you being curvy. flustered when one is asked to separate; taeyong: comes an hour late,. Jungkook: Sure thing~ but when you're screaming remember you asked for it… Originally posted by hugtae bts bangtan bulletproof boy scouts bts rp bts roleplay bts scenarios bts reactions bts request bts react bts gif reaction bts kpop kpop kpop bts kpop smut bts smut kpop reactions kpop scenarios kpop rp kpop roleplay namjoon rap monster. Bts Reaction To You Being Flustered. tvN Ryu Jun-yeol and Girls Day’s Hyeri’s Romance. He stared (more like gawked) as you ate your popsicle, completing forgetting about the one he had in his hand. A Shot In the Dark (84908 words) by